Acting the Text

Find more vocal freedom and clarity, and link that into a very practical approach to text.

Each class begins with a vocal/physical warm-up.  Through individual work and group exercises you will then explore how embodied imagery can connect you, and play into the elements of language.

You will address how to quickly find an authentic, personal connection to your text, and see how it plays through to the actions of the character moment by moment.  The work in this class is terrific preparation for cold readings, developing audition material, and getting ready to rehearse a play.

Please have two monologues ready explore.

FALL 2017
Teacher: Benjamin Moore    Designated Linklater Teacher
Mondays 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
September 18 – November 6
Fee: $240
Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studios

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Photo by Joel Jares

Photo by Joel Jares