Drop-In Warm-Ups

Fee: $20 per session – pay as you go

The discipline and tactile pleasure of stretching and elasticizing one’s body, of freeing the breath, and gathering the resonance of the sound vibrations in the bony hollows of the body; of undoing specific tensions in the jaw, tongue and larynx; and waking up the sweep of one’s vocal range, and engaging the lively economy of the articulators; may seem on one level as the routine of little actions, but on a deeper level it is carving out time and space in our busy day to meet ourselves – to be present in our whole being. 

Come warm up with us – to prepare for an audition or a show, to care for vocal strain, or just to keep in vocal tone.  Want to spend a few minutes each week investing in yourself and strengthening your craft? This series of exercises is designed to free your voice, mind, and body to find your authentic self, and to become more expressively present in the world.




Teacher:  Andrea Haring Designated Linklater Teacher
Mondays, March 26 – May 14

 6:00 pm – 6:50 pm
Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 10th Floor – Studio 1

Participants can bring cash or a check to each Warm-Up session.

If you prefer to pay by PayPal – the button below will be updated
weekly – you can pay in advance for the upcoming session.

For the Monday April 23, 2018 session: