Beyond Fluency: Storytelling and Personal Narrative

How do you use the language skills you have to tell a story that reveals something of yourself?  What are the building blocks of a strong narrative and how can they help you navigate through moments of uncertainty whether in a casual situation with friends, or in a more formal one such as a interview?  In this workshop you’ll explore how you can use storytelling to engage your listeners in a variety of social environments where your contributions matter.

The first part of this workshop reinforces existing language skills with subconscious connection, imagery, musicality, and physicality.  Drawing from the Linklater voice work, idiomatic language and the stream of consciousness writing of Gertrude Stein, participants find an embodied connection to the pleasure and power of effective wordplay.  In this way, their unique voice carries the nuance of meaning with vocal variety, spontaneity, and presence.

The second half of the workshop segues into structured language and personal narrative.  You will identify the essentials of a good story in order to express yourself with greater impact.  You will practice building on the momentum of a conversation, so that you can make a meaningful connection with others through collaborative dialogue.

This course is perfect for speakers of English as a second language, presenters, and language arts teachers developing a tool kit in:

-Active listening and engaged responsiveness
-Relaxed off-the-cuff conversations
-Narrative structure
-Storytelling to engage listeners
-Fuller personal expression

-Physical presence

All participants will share their writing aloud, and receive individual coaching of a personal narrative.  Application of conversational skills will be practiced as a group.

FALL 2018
Teachers: Liz Eckert  Designated Linklater Teacher
                Katya Pronin
Saturday & Sunday, 12 pm – 5 pm
November 10 & 11
Fee: $210
Location: TBA

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