Freeing Your British Dialect

Taught by: Daron Oram
Sunday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
March 23
Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 10th Floor – Studio 2

Do you ever feel that your Standard British Dialect is slightly ‘out of tune’ or takes so much effort that you lose touch with your connection to the character or the text?  This workshop will help you to use the vocal techniques of Kristin Linklater’s Freeing the Natural Voice to access an embodied sense of the physical set-up for a Standard British Dialect (RP or Non-Regional British Pronunciation).  You will work physically to explore and release habitual tensions and move towards the free and open communication of sound that this dialect requires.  You will then explore the more specific details of the dialect through a series of physical and vocal exercises, which aim to build ease in your speaking.  Finally, you will move onto text and put it all into practice.

Please prepare a short (1 – 2 minute max) piece of text to work on in the workshop – ideally something that is written to be spoken with a standard British – RP dialect.  It would be useful to know the piece from memory and also to have a couple of copies of it written out with enough space to make notes on.  This will be quite a physical workshop involving the basic progression of voice exercises from ‘Freeing the Natural Voice’ so loose, comfortable clothing is advisable.