Natural Voice Workshop – Level 2

Voice 2 – Strengthen and Expand Your Capacity

As your habitual tensions and breath loosen and initial vibrations have more resonance, you can begin to strengthen your voice.  Classes will continue to release tongue, throat, and jaw tensions that add unnecessary pressure and effort.  The focus shifts to the first half of the vocal resonating ladder and combines it with a more dynamic physical release through arm, leg and full body swings.  We are conditioning your voice to find more freedom at moments of greater demand.  To support larger impulses of thought and feeling you will explore a series of exercises designed to open and increase your breath capacity, as well as prepare it for quick, lively impulses.  This class will begin to bring the voice work onto a piece of text to help you translate the experience of freedom in your voice to your work on text.

Please have some text ready.

Fall 2017

This workshop has been cancelled


Photo by Joel Jares

Photo by Joel Jares