Natural Voice Workshop – Level 1

Voice 1 – The Essentials

A lively introduction to the Linklater Voice Work or a terrific refresher for those who have already had Linklater classes.  This workshop will help you free your breath, develop resonance, loosen jaw and tongue tensions and wake up your vocal range.

Relaxation and release is essential to opening, freeing and ultimately strengthening your voice.  In this initial workshop, you are becoming aware of how your voice and body carry habitual tensions and beginning to undo them.  This is the start to freeing your breath and vibrations of sound.  As your voice begins to loosen up, the next step is to develop resonance by sensing and spreading the vibrations through the bony hollows of your body.  Once this connection is established we can move onto addressing deep tensions that develop in the jaw, larynx, and tongue and encourage your sigh to find a free and focused pathway beyond those tensions that filter your message.  By giving your sigh of sound a clear passageway from the lower body all the way up through the mouth, you will be ready to begin to strengthen the voice and activate more expressiveness with the resonating ladder.  In Voice 1 you will contact the chest, the mouth, and the teeth resonators and blend to find a warm, relaxed and focused connection between your thoughts, feelings and your voice.


Fall 2018
Teacher: Liz Eckert  Designated Linklater Teacher
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
September 8 & 9

Fee: $210
Location: Pearl Studios NYC, 500 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor – Room 306

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Winter 2019

Teacher: TBA
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
January 12 & 13

Fee: $210
Location: TBA

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Photo by Joel Jares

Photo by Joel Jares