Playing Status

Teacher: Hall Hunsinger

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Saturday & Sunday
October 6 & 7
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: NOLA Rehearsal Studios, 244 West 54th Street, 11th Floor

Whether you are a king in Shakespeare’s court or a lawyer in a courtroom drama on TV – as an actor you need the knowledge and the skill to convey your status as it shifts from moment to moment.  An essential tool for actors is the ability to adapt to the different circumstances and relationships within the play.  In this workshop, based on Keith Johnstone’s improvisational work, you will become aware of the body language, gesture, and physical behavior that create the impression of high or low status.  After discovering what status each student is most comfortable playing, we will practice the physical and verbal actions that raise or lower status, in order to apply these tactics to improvisational situations, and eventually to a character in a text.  This skillset will give you essential tools useful in a range of performance – from cold readings at an audition, to creating a believable performance of any play.