Voice and Text Weekend Workshop

What does it mean to be expressive?  How can we stimulate our voices to be alive to the complexity of our inner emotions and responsive to the multi-layered nuance of our thoughts?  And how can that connection actively play out through the text?

This is a workshop designed for performers, public speakers, and those who would like to feel more present, connected, and perhaps more vocally playful when they speak. 

In this workshop you will learn a vocal warm-up: how to release your physical tension, free your breath, and develop more vocal resonance, freedom, variety, and strength.  The class work then translates these exercises into the dynamics of speaking with individual coaching, for you to find an authentic, embodied and clear expression on the text.  Please prepare a 1 – 2 minute excerpt of text that you would like to speak – this can be a monologue from a play, a poem, or a short talk on a topic you know well.

Andrea Haring
Summer 2018

Teacher: Andrea Haring    Designated Linklater Teacher
Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

August 25 & 26
Fee: $180
Location: Pearl Studios, NYC  500 8th Avenue –
12th Floor