Designated Linklater Teachers

The requirements for becoming a Linklater teacher are rigorous.  It involves at least three to five years during which time trainees must learn, through their participation in private and group classes, the progression of voice exercises developed by Kristin Linklater.  The trainees must observe senior teachers teaching the work for at least one full year, attend voice and training workshops, and become proficient in experiential anatomy, speech (IPA and Phonetic Pillows), Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, the movement progression of Trish Arnold, piano, text work, and singing (preferably Roy Hart).

Linklater teacher trainees are strongly encouraged to be actors and know firsthand, from a performer’s perspective, the demands that performing makes on the actor’s emotions, mind, voice, mouth, body, and imagination.  After thoroughly pursuing these steps, they are able to audition for the final five week designation workshop with Kristin Linklater and a core group of senior Linklater Teachers.  If accepted to this workshop they are critiqued on their teaching presence and teaching ability – both in how well the work is laid out, the technical accuracy of their execution, and their authentic presence in the classroom.  They are also observed teaching a group of new students to determine whether they can teach to the needs of that group and impart DSC_9168the work in an accurate, interesting, and meaningful way that opens and frees the person through their vocal/physical expression.

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