Christine B. Kugler

Actress, certified speech therapist, speaker, and Designated Linklater Voice Teacher

Many years of experience in voice and speech training:

  • Lectureships at the Hochschule für Film-und Fernsehkunst Konrad Wolf Potsdam Babelsburg (University for Film and Television “Konrad Wolf”, Potsdam Babelsberg)
  • Lectureships at the University of Arts, Berlin, Department of Performing Arts
  • Lectureships at the University of Arts, Berling, Masters Program culture journalism, microphone techniques training
  • Speech training for actors (film/TV/theatre)
  • Voice and speech training for individuals or companies
  • 18 years of speech training
  • Leading and co-leading voice-related workshops and seminars

I am hired as a speaker and actress on a regular basis.

What I offer:

  • Voice and speech training for those interested in voice and speech and those who have jobs that require a lot of speaking
  • Voice and speech traning for actors and speakers
  • Individual classes, workshops, and seminars in the areas of voice, acting, speaking, and personality
  • Linklater Voice Training

I teach in a beautiful studio in Berlin Kreuzberg and workshops/seminars throughout Germany, both by myself and in a team.

I am passionate about voice and speech, about speaking and singing.

I love to exchange knowledge, expertise, and experiences and to continue working on my own voice.

Apart from teaching, I am increasingly dedicated to vocal improvisation, songwriting, and to the development of my singing voice.

I take particular interest in developing the singing voice by using the Linklater Method.

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