Developing Awareness

by user on August 13, 2016

DSC_8835“Great acting is not about putting on disguises and being something you’re not. Great acting is about taking off, stripping off the masks we all wear, to reveal the human being inside…Good actors make us forget that we’re in the theater; they persuade us that we’re watching something truthful, something real. But they have to create that reality by letting it inhabit their minds and bodies; that’s the art of it.”
               Tina Packer    Power Plays
“The best actors are relaxed in performance. That is, they have no extraneous tension…In order to develop a voice that will create maximum effect with minimum effort, and therefore be truthful, actors must exercise the vocal musculature in a way that conditions the voice to respond to imaginative and emotional stimulus.”
               Kristin Linklater    Freeing the Natural Voice
So much of the training that an actor or public speaker does is about developing awareness – an awareness of habits of tension in the mind, body, and voice that inhibit free self- expression. It takes time and the repetitive laying in of the exercises to develop helpful habits that will relax tense muscles, encourage a freer release of vibrations, strengthen the voice and body’s ability to respond to increased demands, and to be sensitive and flexible enough to express oneself authentically and with aliveness in a public forum. I hope that you will find something in our Fall Session at The Linklater Center for Voice and Language that engages you in your own self expansion and exploration.
Best wishes!
Andrea Haring
Executive Director

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