“By now it should be apparent that when you explore the full extent of your breathing you are exploring your Self.  The sensitivity with which you observe the tiny exchange of air that keeps you alive from one moment to the next requires that you are sensitive to your Self – to some central, personal aspect of You..."
        Kristin Linklater – Freeing the Natural Voice


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Teacher: Andrea Haring
Designated Linklater Teacher
Mondays 6:00 pm - 6:50 pm
January 13  - March 3
8 Sessions
Fee: $20 per session - pay as you go
Location: TBA


The discipline and tactile pleasure of stretching and elasticizing one’s body, of freeing the breath, and gathering the resonance of the sound vibrations in the bony hollows of the body; of undoing specific tensions in the jaw, tongue and larynx; and waking up the sweep of one’s vocal range, and engaging the lively economy of the articulators; may seem on one level as the routine of little actions, but on a deeper level it is carving out time and space in our busy day to meet ourselves – to be present in our whole being. 

Come warm up with us – to prepare for an audition or a show, to care for vocal strain, or just to keep in vocal tone.  Want to spend a few minutes each week investing in yourself and strengthening your craft? This series of exercises is designed to free your voice, mind, and body to find your authentic self, and to become more expressively present in the world.

Freeing the Natural Voice: Level 1

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Teacher: Dianna Cortez
Designated Linklater Teacher
Tuesdays 7 pm - 9 pm
January 14 - March 3
8 Sessions
Fee: $280
Location: TBA


A lively introduction to the Linklater Voice Work or a terrific refresher for those who have already had Linklater classes.  This workshop will help you free your breath, develop resonance, loosen jaw and tongue tensions and wake up your vocal range.

Relaxation and release is essential to opening, freeing and ultimately strengthening your voice.  In this initial workshop, you are becoming aware of how your voice and body carry habitual tensions and beginning to undo them.  This is the start to freeing your breath and vibrations of sound.  As your voice begins to loosen up, the next step is to develop resonance by sensing and spreading the vibrations through the bony hollows of your body.  Once this connection is established we can move onto addressing deep tensions that develop in the jaw, larynx, and tongue and encourage your sigh to find a free and focused pathway beyond those tensions that filter your message.  By giving your sigh of sound a clear passageway from the lower body all the way up through the mouth, you will be ready to begin to strengthen the voice and activate more expressiveness with the resonating ladder.  In Voice 1 you will contact the chest, the mouth, and the teeth resonators and blend to find a warm, relaxed and focused connection between your thoughts, feelings and your voice.

Voice, articulation, text
(Voice LEvel 2)

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Teacher: Benjamin Moore
Designated Linklater Teacher
Wednesdays 7 pm - 9 pm
January 15 - March 4
8 Sessions
Fee: $280
Location: TBA


 “The muscles that articulate words must be freed from limiting conditioning and made responsive and agile enough to reflect the agility of the mind…A sensitive performer will want a voice that serves the desire to communicate.”  Kristin Linklater, Freeing the Natural Voice

This class is meant for those who have taken voice before and would like to strengthen their full range of resonance, expand their breath capacity, and wake up their articulation in order to find a bridge to speaking their text in a clearer, and livelier way.  Each class will take you through an embodied warm-up geared towards freeing and opening your voice that releases throat, tongue and jaw tensions, develops more breath capacity, and strengthens your full vocal range.

Then you’ll focus on invigorating the muscles of your mouth that contribute to economical articulation, and link them with your mind, body, breath, and voice so all the parts of you are ready to speak your text clearly and expressively.

You will develop a richer connection to the roots of language by focusing on:
* finding a free flow and wider range of resonance through embodying vowels
* bringing a more tactile connection through the play of various textures and qualities in
* feeling how the vowels and consonants connect you more satisfyingly to the meaning and
experience of imagery and language with tongue twisters and a variety of text

Bring text that you want to sink your creative teeth into!