Public Speaking for Professionals:
           Confidence in Communication


Teacher: Andrea Haring
Designated Linklater Teacher
Saturday, 12 pm - 5 pm
October 19, 2019
Fee: $200
Molloy Studios
50 Broadway
4th Floor - Studio 403
March 7, 2020
Fee: $200
Location: TBA

Your vocal presence has the power to influence your audience and change the world around you.  This workshop is designed for professionals from all disciplines who would like to feel more confident and expressive in their communication, and more dynamic in getting their message across.  You’ll learn a vocal warm-up that helps you to:

* Own your space and establish your physical presence
* Deal with nerves through relaxation and breathing techniques
* Warm your voice with an embodied resonance
* Find more expressive choices and colorful variety using more vocal range
* Wake up your articulation for clear and active speech

You’ll then be coached in a short talk that you have prepared, to look at how to bring your topic to life by connecting to your message, and using emphasis and phrasing to engage the interest of your audience.  (The warm-up is gently physical so wear soft clothes that you can move in freely.)