Indira Pensado
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Indira Pensado is an actor, director and voice teacher.

Since 2000, she has conducted voice workshops around  Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, USA and Singapore. Indira trained with Kozanna Lucca from the Roy Hart Theater, with whom she has also developed a methodology for offering this work.   She is a Designated Linklater Professor  DLT since 2012, trained by Antonio Ocampo, Andrea Haring and Kristin Linklater. She is now currently training with Jonathan Hart. As an actor and director she's known by the powerful use of voice and body for stage.  Indira is currently teaching voice at National School of Theater, ENAT in Mexico City, Intercultural Theater Institute ITI, Singapore, is a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Association) and a founder member of Linklater Voice in Orkney, Scotland. She founded Médula Teatro and Los 4 Gatos, both groups dedicated to the scene and research for stage. She has the FONCA support for Scenic Creators with Trayectory 2016-2019.