Linklater Designation

The training to become a Designated Linklater Voice Teacher (DLT) is a rigorous and time-consuming process that involves working in private sessions, observing senior teachers teaching group classes, and attending teacher training weekend workshops to develop teaching skills.  The program requires a teacher trainee to learn anatomy, singing, piano, speech work and articulation issues, several kinds of movement and body techniques (the Trish Arnold series of arms and body swings, Alexander, Feldenkrais) as well as various acting approaches in order to know the demands of the text on the actor.  It is strongly advised that you first speak with a senior DLT (Andrea Haring in the United States) to discuss your eligibility to become a teacher trainee.  After training, you will audition to be accepted to the designation workshops.  These are 2 three-week workshops held at the Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney, Scotland.  (It is strongly recommended that you go to Orkney to train with Kristin Linklater if possible.) If you are interested in talking about this process, feel free to email Andrea Haring at

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