Nicola Tiggeler

Nicola Tiggeler.jpeg

Born and raised in Hannover, Germany, Nicola Tiggeler is a trained opera singer, actress, certified singing teacher and a Designated Linklater Teacher since 2010. 

Having worked extensively both on stage and on camera, she has starred in countless theatrical productions as well as a variety of TV movies and shows. Playing the part of the villain “Barbara von Heidenberg” in Europe’s most successful daily show “Sturm der Liebe” brought her to national and international prominence.

Next to her acting career, many prominent figures, such as CEOs, politicians and public speakers, have been relying on Nicola’s expertise and wide ranging skillset as a coach. 

As a certified voice coach, Nicola Tiggeler helps her clients discover the power of their own voice and personal appearance, giving them the necessary tools and techniques to make a lasting impression in their professional environments. 

Additionally, Nicola has been a voice and speech teacher at a variety of institutions,  such as the university for Music and Theatre in Hamburg and Munich. Her guidebook “Mit Stimme zum Erfolg”  was published in 2016 by the H.C. Beck publishing compay in Munich. 

Her interactive talks have inspired a broad range of audiences, providing a well-balanced combination of entertainment and expert advice.