Rowena Balos 
September-May based in US
West Hollywood, California
(310) 659-1691
June-August based in Sydney, Australia
(Also Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide)
(02) 6680-3161
0403 559 351

After more than three years’ study with Kristin — as an acting student at LAMDA, privately as an actress in New York and then as a participant in Kristin’s initial Teacher-Training program, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation — I became a Teacher of Voice.  I was on the faculty of the Graduate Theatre Program, NYU School of the Arts, for 14 years and was honored to fill Kristin’s shoes, as Head of the Voice Department, when she moved on.  In 1973, at the invitation of the Government’s Arts Council, I was proud to introduce the Linklater Technique to the Australian Theatre community with a series of Master Classes.  Since that time I continue to spend at least 3 months a year downunder, conducting workshops in Voice, Standard American accent and Shakespeare.  I have taught in theatre companies and training institutions around the world, including: Andre Gregory’s Theatre of the Living Arts; Stratford Shakespeare Festival, Canada; all major Australian Companies, including Bell Shakespeare and Sydney Theatre; UCLA; NIDA (Sydney); VCA (Melbourne); Actors Workshop (Brisbane); Howard Fine’s Studio (LA) and Terry Schreiber’s Studio (NYC), to name a few.  Full list:  My work focuses on freeing the entire being from all unnecessary and inhibiting tension, making it open, sensitive, toned and ready to respond to all the subtleties of thought and feeling.  I believe that – rather than the mindless making of sound – all techniques and exercises relate directly to a connected need to communicate.  Thus, the Voice/Acting Connection is the center of my work.

I maintain a studio in Los Angeles where I teach individually and in small groups.  For more info: